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Garage doors need routine maintenance in order to work properly. If your door is not opening, try these troubleshooting tips from https://www.calgarygaragedoorfix.com/

Check the power and make sure that you have electricity running to the garage. If there is no power, take a look at your breaker box or fuse panel and switch on the circuit breaker for your garage door opener.

If you still don’t have any luck getting it open, check if the trolley is stuck inside of an object such as furniture or a bike rack. You can also bring in something from outside like a long broom handle and push it through so that you can free up the trolley from whatever it’s caught on by pushing back against it with force.


If the trolley is not stuck, there may be a problem with your garage door opener. Check to see if it’s plugged in and turned on or an indicator light that tells you when it’s activated isn’t lit up. If neither of these are the issue, then try rebooting the circuit breaker for your garage door opener by turning off power at the fuse box and flipping back on again after 30 seconds have passed.

Finally, check to make sure that all connections from the control panel to wiring under any nearby cabinets are secure by touching them lightly with one hand while holding open a section of cabinet doors with other hand – this will help identify loose cords hanging down inside so they can be tightened into place. If everything seems in order, you may need to get in touch with your garage door repair company.