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Consumer Portfolio Services: What They Are and How to Get Started

Ideas for How to Use Portfolio Services

If your goal is to improve the financial health of your family, then you should consider consumer portfolio services. These are programs that take a percentage of your assets and invest your assets in stocks, bonds, or other securities. There are many different types including target-date funds, managed accounts for individuals with $1 million in assets or more, and so on. In this article we’ll discuss what they are and how to get started!

Consumer Portfolio Services

– A managed account is a portfolio of investments that are selected by an investment manager for you. The money in your managed account handles the investing, so all you have to do is choose where it’s held (either through a broker or with the company managing it).

Target-date funds can be helpful because they automatically adjust their mix of stocks and bonds based on how much time until retirement. For example, if you’re 67 years old then there will be more bond holdings than stock holdings since we assume that people retire at this age and want less risk from their portfolios due to decreased life expectancy. However, if you’re just 30 years old then there’ll be less bond holdings than stock holdings since we don’t expect someone who has less than 30 years to actually retire.

A target-date fund can be a good option for someone who doesn’t want to worry about managing their investments and wants to have their money work hard for them, but it’s not the only investment out there. If you’re looking at other options then look into index funds which are based on indexes like the S&P 500 or an ETF (exchange traded fund) that tracks an index of stocks.