Finding Lost Friends, Neighbors and People You Cared About

Friends? Neighbors? Relatives? Have You Seen Them Online Recently

Do you ever wonder what happened to your old friend from high school? Neighbor who lived next door for years before moving away? The person who taught you how to ride a bike or was there for you when someone close passed away. Chances are, if they still have an online presence, they’re out there just waiting to be found!

Now go ahead: start searching with Charlie Eissa services for that friend who used to live next door; the one who taught you about cycling 101; or your long lost cousin living in Australia. Your childhood bestie may have moved across the country years ago but they’re still waiting for you to say hello! So what are you waiting for? Start reconnecting today with our simple tips below!

Charlie Eissa

Find out what they’re up to. Maybe your old friend works for the same company you do or your cousin became a famous athlete. You never know where life has taken them and who knows, maybe they’ll want to reconnect too!

Discovering new things about people is always interesting because we often feel like our friends are one dimensional when in reality most of us lead very different lives from each other that have changed over the years as well as changes within ourselves.

Find out their interests by searching through social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; also search blogs and websites dedicated to specific professions or hobbies if appropriate. That way it’s easier to see how much time has passed since you last talked with someone and what they may have been up to.

It’s a really great feeling when you find someone and reconnect with them after many years of not seeing each other! I’m so happy that I found my childhood friend on Facebook randomly even though he lives in London now!